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Color Shift Film
Color Shift Film

Color Shift Film

Special nano structure design and special process, on the hot stamping film to form a color pattern which can show different colors by facing and siding . It can also be combined with light field relief, general texture, 3D dynamic and so on to make dazzling light bronzing foil. It is widely used。
Product Detail

1. When the Angle is changed, the color will be changed obviously. Holographic anti - counterfeiting patterns will appear, hide or replace by different visual angles. It can also display the same pattern of moving pictures or custom effects. Viewed from any angle, a true three-dimensional image and noticeable color changes can be produced. It has strong sense of design and visual experience.

Color Shift FilmColor Shift Film for sale

Above is side view, below is front view

2. The color shift film can also obtain different micro/nano structures by embossing to achieve a variety of excellent laser effect (invisible text, stray light column etc.), so as to provide better aesthetics and anti-counterfeiting..

Color Shift Film for sale

Our company produces two color shift film: gold to green (face to gold, side to green) and purple to gold (face to purple, side to gold).

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3.Color shift film can also be combined with two-dimensional code and other technologies to achieve customer product exclusivity and traceability.

Color Shift Film supplier

4. Цветная пленка также может быть выполнена в виде стереорельефного эффекта.

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